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Basically, all software is free to our company. We will continue to maintain our free policy in the future. If there is any change in our free policy, we will notify you through our blog. I hope you will become a software that will help your life.

Purpose of HADXit LAB

Why do we do?

To survive the world well,For those who do not have money by God's wisdom and power.

How do we do?

Although We have different opinions, different knowledge, but with good people for the same purpose.

What do we do?

Software development.

Happy friends

With a lot of open source, it seems that our product was easy to make. Thank you for all the open source startups..


We provide third party packages for Oracle users. The package contains various utilities. Please use the button below for details.


We are planning to support the dbms tool for Firebase users. This tool will be provided on a web-based and will be provided free of charge. Please wait a minute.

Clipping mini

Mobile/Tablet/PC all about your favourite site manager platform. you can share favourite site with your friend or your another device. Platform that can efficiently manage a bookmark Web site on your different devices.


4Parse is sports prediction software using artificial intelligence. The area currently being serviced is soccer. Only Premier League is in service.

4Parse offers the following features free of charge.

1. AI predictive analysis result of the competition results

2. Predicting the result of the contest by the weighting method

3. Analysis of past results through 14 different charts

Instagram Video Magazine the "Dy"

It is a Facebook page that creates content using various user's Instagram video images and reproduces them in magazine format.


The Portayou is a responsive web-style business card that provides information on various contact information such as social information and e-mail information, and personal information in one place.

We are preparing to open in May 2017.

What people think


Sitting on a cozy sofa with a cup of coffee someday in the office and Dreaming of the future and enjoying and waiting for the day to come to work soon.